Common Reasons for Pool Renovations

Dive Into the Latest Backyard Trends, Pool Tips & More

Pool Remodel Design

Common Reasons for Pool Renovations

No need to spend another year looking at the same old patio furniture and worn pool accessories—chec...
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Backyard Entertainment

Level Up Your Yard With Water Features

What’s even better than having a Shasta pool? Having a Shasta pool with great water features! Whethe...
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The Best Plants And Shrubs For Saltwater Pools

Whether you already have a saltwater pool or are going to be renovating your current chlorinated poo...
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New Pools

Two Design Center Locations to Serve Our Customers

In our on-going effort to remain as transparent as possible with you, our customers and potential cu...
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5 Tips on How to Winterize Your Arizona Pool

Ever heard of an outdoor swim in the winter? Only if you live in Arizona! If your family is known to...
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Backyard Entertainment

Illuminate Your Pool for More Outdoor Fun

There’s almost nothing better than catching some rays and lounging in the pool on a sunny summer day...
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New Pools

Finding Creative Solutions for Common Pool Delays

As summer is approaching, we know how exciting it can be to dive into a new pool and make lifelong m...
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New Pools

On-Going Pool Industry Challenges – 2022

Although many of the COVID-19 restrictions throughout Arizona have been lifted, pool builders are st...
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Backyard Entertainment

What Aqua-Exercises Burn the Most Calories?

It's no secret that pool exercises are a fun way to get fit and torch unwanted calories, but some ex...
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Backyard Entertainment

Spring Break Fun, the Shasta Way

Springtime in Arizona means picture-perfect weather and lots of time spent outdoors - so why not spe...
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