Backyard Entertainment | 02/28/22

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Springtime in Arizona means picture-perfect weather and lots of time spent outdoors – so why not spend it in your own backyard? With spring break coming up, there’s so many activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Go backyard camping

Skip the crowded campground and turn your backyard into the campground of your dreams! Pitch your tent and get the snacks ready for a night around the fire or under the stars.

Don’t have a firepit for s’mores yet? Try out this recipe for S’mores Cookie Bars from Chocolate, Chocolate, and More for a fun twist on a classic treat.

Have an outdoor movie night

Bring your TV outside, turn on your favorite movie, and enjoy it from the comfort of your patio furniture or pool float.

Have a projector instead? Create a quick frame out of pine (or any other wood), and then use an unrolled white shower curtain (with the curtain rod taped to the bottom of the frame) as the screen.  Try to set up the screen in an area that is against the sun, and where there aren’t any street lights or other lighting that may interfere with the picture. 

Have a fire

Light up your firepit (or pick one up) and gather family and friends around to swap stories, tell jokes and play games like Telephone or 20 Questions. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Make DIY citronella candles

With warmer weather approaching, we all know how pesky mosquitoes can be. Citronella candles are an easy and affordable way to keep the mosquitoes at bay this pool season, and most materials come from what’s already inside the home.

Check out our step-by-step guide here!

Touch up your landscaping

Maximize the beauty of your backyard with some of these gorgeous spring plants. 

Boxwood Beauty

The boxwood beauty is traditionally more drought resistant than most plants, making it ideal for hot Arizona springs and summers. There are a variety of colors to choose from, though bright pink is a surefire way to inject punches of bold color throughout your landscape.


This is a must-have for homeowners who are looking for a plant to cover their arbors or pergolas. Being a cross between a shrub and a vine, when properly cultivated wisteria provides you with lovely clusters of flowers of various colors that cascade down any trellis or wall.

Here’s four more of our favorite spring plants.