Finding Creative Solutions for Common Pool Delays

New Pools | 04/27/22

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As summer is approaching, we know how exciting it can be to dive into a new pool and make lifelong memories. At Shasta, we are working tirelessly to deliver the backyard our customers have been waiting for. But we have to be candid and honest – building a shotcrete pool requires many variables that are unfortunately out of our control.

Building each pool requires working with many different contractors and trades, and each one may be dealing with their own delays. 

From inclement weather to challenging backyard conditions, there are so many factors that can cause delays in the pool building process, so we’ve broken down some of the biggest issues we sometimes encounter.

Cement Shortages – The pool industry has been hit hard with cement shortages. Cement shortages means a complete lack of shotcrete material for all our customers’ pools, adding additional delays to the timelines that are already longer than we all want. In late April, we were notified that three of our shotcrete suppliers have had to put our orders on-hold due to having no cement available. This hurdle with availabilty of materials is unfortunately out of our control since we rely so heavily on this phase of the pool construction process with our suppliers. This is not unique to Shasta. Pool companies across the Southwest are affected by this cement shortage, along wth other industries that rely on cement, too. Articles are widespread about this issue including coverage from Market Realist, Fox Business, KGUN9, Small Business Trends, just to name a few.

Permits – In most cases, inground pools require a permit before construction can take place. Some counties and cities who issue permits are quicker than others, but unfortunately the timeframe for permits can vary anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Weather – In Arizona, we’re blessed to have mostly clear skies throughout the year. But when thunderstorms and monsoons strike, they can wreak havoc on the pool building process and cause pauses in construction. 

Unexpected Pool Site Issues – When beginning the pool construction process, sometimes underground obstacles or unwanted surprises arise. Unfortunately, this can cause delays in construction until the issues can be resolved. 

We’re taking all of these challenges in stride, and we’re working hard every day to find new and creative solutions. We’re adding new vendors, from electrical to shotcrete. We’re also regularly finding additional new vendors at every step of the pool construction process to build partnerships with, helping to tighten up the timelines on our customers’ pool builds.

In addition, we’ve changed our training processes and are now cross training employees to help both construction crews and administration. By expanding the skills of key team members, including Schedulers and Customer Service Representatives, we can increase our efficiency and productivity and better serve our customers. 

No matter how many obstacles we face, our number one goal is to help our customers make backyard memories for years to come. And we promise, it’ll be worth the wait!