Introducing Shasta Pure

The ultimate pool sanitizer is here – Shasta Pure. It provides the healthiest (and cleanest) water you can swim in – like swimming in drinking water.  Watch the video to learn more and contact our team at guestrelations@shastapools.com , fill out the form below or call 602.532.3800 if you’re interested. Download a Product Overview Sheet.

Shasta Pure FAQs

What is Shasta Pure?

This technology provides a healthy, clean and natural alternative for swimming pools. Not only does it remove the need for traditional pool chemicals, it’s a safe way to sanitize and keep your pool water clean with natural elements including oxygen and nanobubbles.

What are the benefits of Shasta Pure?

  • The ultimate pool sanitizer
  • Provides the healthiest (and cleanest) water you can swim in – like swimming in drinking water
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Dramatically increased water clarity
  • Soft feel of water
  • Oxygen is purifying the water – not chemicals
  • Healthy backwash to water plants
  • Increase in potential stem cell production
  • No itchy or dry skin after swimming
  • No chlorine or chemical smell
  • Fast breakdown of lotions and oils
  • Lower TDS levels (no residual of chemicals or cyanuric acid)
  • Increased comfort for sensitive swimmers
  • Increased oxygen percentage in the body

Will I not need chemicals in my pool any more, especially in the Arizona hot temperatures? How does that work?

With Shasta Pure, pool owners will not need to use traditional chemicals. Some traditional pool treatments might be needed after, for example, a monsoon storm, a big pool party or just kids in the pool for hours who assured you they never needed to use the bathroom. Shasta Pure takes 100% oxygen and ozone and puts it into countless nanobubbles. A nanobubble is 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt. This scientific combination purifies pool water without needing traditional pool chemicals. The cleaning power of oxygen and ozone stay in the water for days, and even weeks, because of the nanobubbles. This allows nature’s best cleaning agents to continue sanitizing the water, while giving its swimmers some added health benefits beyond not having to swim in chemicals.

Can I add Shasta Pure to an existing pool that includes a salt system, sand system, etc and how does that work?

Shasta Pure is a stand-alone sanitation system and would replace traditional chlorine, salt chlorine generating systems or any other sanitation system. It can be added to existing pools but the current equipment set-up and water quality would need to be assessed to ensure the ideal install and results.

How much will this cost to run on my pool? Is it like the cost of heating my pool?

The system is very affordable to run. Together, the oxygen concentrator and commercial ozone generator only draw 7.5 amps. This costs (on average) about $0.16 cents per hour.

In addition to electrical usage, it’s important to add a small amount of natural minerals to the pool to reduce phosphate levels. This is important for any pool and any sanitation system. Phosphates can come from dead or rotting leaves, grass clippings, fertilizer runoff and other natural materials that end up in a pool. Even the residue from skin and hair products may contain phosphates.

All pool owners should watch their phosphate levels, but it’s especially important in oxygenated pools. Too many phosphates in a pool can lead to algae growth. Fortunately, unlike in traditional chlorine or salt chlorine pools, the algae will not suspend in the water and turn it green, but it can attach (in patches) to the wall and will be visible through the crystal clear water.

Are there references and articles about oxygen systems you can provide?

Here are some and more can be found by doing a simple Google search.

Where has this type of oxygen system been installed?

  • City of Scottsdale: 4 Municipal Outdoor Locations (McDowell Mountain Ranch and Cactus Aquatic Centers) equipment room renovations were completed in 2018.  Scottsdale has utilized gas chlorine for decades.  All levels of sanitation were changed. El Dorado and Chaparral Aquatic Centers were completed in 2019 and 2020.
  • AquaSafe Swim Schools (Scottsdale): 1 Indoor Pool, Total Gallons: 68,000
  • Residence Inn by Marriott (Desert Ridge): 1 Pool, Total Gallons: 25,000
  • LA Unified School District: 26 – High School and Municipal Indoor and Outdoor Pool Locations
  • Queens University of Charlotte: 1 Indoor Pool 25 Meter Stretch, Total Gallons: 345,000


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