Level Up Your Yard With Water Features

Backyard Entertainment | 03/15/23

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What’s even better than having a Shasta pool? Having a Shasta pool with great water features!

Whether you’re building your first pool or remodeling your family’s backyard, adding water features is an excellent way to level up your outdoor experience and create a relaxing ambiance. Plus, seeing your backyard come to life with its new features is pretty awesome.

From waterfalls to deck jets, there are so many design options to choose from, but to make things a bit easier, we’ll break down some of the most popular options.

Sheer Descents

Sheer Descents – Sheer descents provide a continuous sheet of water flowing into your pool. Not only can these be a beautiful focal point in your backyard, kids love to swim under them! You can also add accent lighting for some extra pizazz. 


Scuppers – Scuppers provide different water flow styles, such as natural and smooth flow styles, but no matter what flow style you choose, they are an elegant and unique addition to your pool. 


Bubblers – These in-floor jets create a lively jet of water that emerges from your pool, adding fun and flair to your yard. The whole family will enjoy having this addition! 

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Every water feature we build at Shasta is built with the Shasta difference. We make sure we take the time to listen to what you want in a backyard environment, and we diligently strive to deliver just what you’re looking for. 

With so many water feature options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in!