Illuminate Your Pool for More Outdoor Fun

Backyard Entertainment | 06/22/22

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There’s almost nothing better than catching some rays and lounging in the pool on a sunny summer day – so why not keep the backyard fun going even after the sun goes down?

With the magic of outdoor lighting, you can transform your pool and yard into the perfect outdoor paradise. Whether you want to add elegance and charm or make sure your family stays safe while night swimming, there are so many ways to light your outdoor space – no matter your aesthetic. 

We know that finding the right kind of lighting can be overwhelming due to the number of options available, so we broke down some of the most popular choices below!

In the Pool

Underwater lighting 

Underwater lighting is a great way to not only add allure to your pool, but it also helps make night swimming safer – and of course more fun! 

Whether you’re deciding between LED or standard lighting, there’s a wide variety of choices available, each with its own customization options. 

At Shasta, we’re experts in installing and replacing swimming pool lights. However we personally recommend LED lighting to all of our customers. Curious as to why? Read more here.

Pool Lighting
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Floating lights

This is such a simple, inexpensive way to add color and ambiance to every type of pool. From solar powered, to color-changing, to floating “tea lights”, floating pool lights come in an array of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pool.

Floating Lights
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Around the Pool

Deck lighting 

One of the most common types of backyard lighting is deck lighting. There’s a seemingly endless array of options for lighting your deck, from recessed lighting to step lighting – there are tons of great options for elevating the aesthetic of your yard. 

Line your walkways, patio furniture, or raised garden beds with LED rope lighting to create this cool effect! 

Rope Lights
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Pathway Lighting

Another way to ensure safety while illuminating your space is by lighting the pathways in your yard. In-ground lights ensure no tripping or other outdoor mishaps, and call attention to your pool, instead of away from it. Feeling extra festive? Add tiki torches instead!


Moonlighting is one of the most beautiful ways to illuminate your pool and your yard. This lighting technique creates soft, natural lighting that enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor elements. 

Lights are installed in tall tree branches or attached to your house’s beams or gables to mimic moonlight. 

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Above the Pool 

String lights

Create a cozy getaway in your backyard by hanging string lights! Another easy and inexpensive option, string lights can create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing summer evenings. 

However, make sure not to hang pool lights directly over your pool, as this poses a number of safety concerns. Instead, use string lights to accent your entire backyard space by hanging them across your patio!

String Lights
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Hanging lanterns 

If you have a good amount of patio space, or any sort of beams available in your backyard, adding some hanging lanterns can completely elevate your pool’s environment. 

At Shasta, we partner with TS Pool Supplies for all our pool lighting needs. Shop their selection and contact our Service team for any repair or installation needs.