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Dive into a world of pristine luxury and relaxation with our premier pool care and cleaning services. Shasta Pools understands that your pool is not just a refreshing oasis, but a symbol of your lifestyle and impeccable taste. Our dedicated team of pool care and cleaning experts is committed to keeping your aquatic haven, a flawless masterpiece, ensuring crystal-clear water and a worry-free swim.

Experience the joy of owning a perfectly maintained pool without the hassle. Contact us today at 602-532-3930 or by filling out the form below to schedule an appointment and let us do the work of keeping your pool as nice as new.

*February Sale*

For the entire month of February, sign up for an annual contract for our Elite Weekly Pool Cleaning Package and receive up to $150 off your next service repair. Be sure to mention this special offer when you book your pool care appointment.

Weekly Service

Package includes the following:
  • Brush the walls, tile and steps as needed
  • Net the water surface
  • Empty skimmer & pump baskets
  • Backwash filter as needed
  • Test & balance basic chemicals only (chlorine, acid & ALK)
  • Vacuum pool/spa as needed
  • Basic chemicals included (chlorine & acid)
Pricing starts at $145/month

Weekly Service

Package includes everything in the Cares Package above and:
  • Test & balance additonal chemicals such as hardness, alkalinity, salt (if applicable) and CYA
  • Basic chemicals included as well as calcium elevator, Bi-Carb and conditioner as needed
  • 2 filter cleanings per year
  • 1 free phosphate remover treatment per year
  • DE included on DE filters
  • Salt cell cleaning every 3 months
  • All basic baskets & o-rings replaced as needed for free (limit 2 per year)
  • Priority repair scheduling as needed
Pricing starts at $195/month

Both packages include weekly emails with pictures, chemical readings, chemicals added and if there are any additional issues that need to be resolved.


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