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Skip Ast III

NP Sales General Manager

Skip grew up in Arizona but was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He got married in College while playing NCAA football and is crazy in love with his wife and four children.

Joe Tuerff

NP Sales Manager (Phoenix)

Harley rider who’s still happily married to his high school sweetheart!

Bill Gullekson

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Bill has run in races all around the world.

Bryan Zima

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Bryan is a Canadian that fell in love with the desert. He enjoys hiking, biking, and dining all over the valley. His favorite restaurant is Ocean 44.

Elaine Sena

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Elaine has a relative who was Speaker of House in U.S. House of Representatives.

Evan Boyd

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Evan loves wood working.

John Wendling

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

John loves music and plays the congas.

Lorraine Brown

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Lorraine thinks she’s a better dancer than she probably is.

Wally Dykert

Sales & Design Consultant (Phoenix)

Wally speaks fluent Polish and loves pierogis.

Chris Woods

NP Sales Manager (Surprise)

Chris enjoys exploring Arizona’s back road trails and camping in remote locations.

AJ Lucas

Sales & Design Consultant (Surprise)

AJ fell into alligator infested waters on a Lousianna bayou hoverboat tour when he was 17, narrowly escaping death. A family member actually took a photo as one snapped right by his face as he was being pulled back on the boat.

Bryan Williams

Sales & Design Consultant (Surprise)

Bryan once invited actress Kate Walsh to his birthday party, she respectfully declined.

Chris Orio

Sales & Design Consultant (Surprise)

Chris has a wife, 3 kids and 5 dogs. Originally from New Hampshire, he enjoys coaching flag football and soccer, and loves an ice cold beer by the pool.

Cyndi Morelli

Sales & Design Consultant (Surprise)

Cyndi wears a FIT BIT on her wrist and tries very hard to reach her goal of 10,000 steps every day.

Jake Priest

Sales & Design Consultant (Surprise)

Jake has successfully kicked a field goal at a Rattlers game as a part of a halftime contest. He was once stung by a sting ray while surfing and is an Annual Passholder at Disneyland. He also is a DJ and has been DJing since High School.

Paul Carmazzi

NP Sales Manager (Mesa)

Paul is a retired DARE Officer and USAF Veteran as well as serving several years as a firefighter. He loves the Arizona lifestyle, his pool and the Cards & Niners!!!!

Brandon Hone

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

Brandon was born in Florida and raised in California before graduating from ASU , Go Devils! He’s an avid golfer, fisherman and sports enthusiast.

Ed Palma

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

As an U.S. Marine, Ed swam over his Grandfather’s sunken ship in the Philippines during a WWII commemoration of Gen. MacArthur’s landing at Leyte Gulf.

Gary Dudley

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

Born and raised in Arizona, Gary is an animal lover who enjoys golfing, snow skiing, hiking and fishing in his home state. He has been married to his wife Kathi for 38 years and they own a house in the White Mountains of Arizona.

James Arrowood

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

James started out in the pool business at 18 cleaning pool tile. He is an avid outdoorsman and musician.

Jamie Hollingshead

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

Jamie swims with whales, loves the smell of chlorine and plays with molten glass.

Michael LaBella

Sales & Design Consultant (Mesa)

Mike is a huge New York sports fan and his favorite thing to do in the world is go skiing.

Jim Pinson

Homebuilder Sales Manager

Jim is a big fan of the Denver Broncos!

Dave Gabhart

Sales & Design Consultant

Dave grew up working on a buffalo farm.

Aric Metelski

Sales & Design Consultant

After graduating college, Aric lived in Vietnam for 6 months to work and experience another culture.

Dean Wilde

Sales & Design Consultant

Dean owned a pool company here in the valley before coming to work at Shasta.

Doug Hrach

Sales & Design Consultant

Doug is an aspiring chef.

Gary Filoso

Sales & Design Consultant

Gary plays guitar.

Tim Dumbrell

Landscape Division Manager

Tim loves to play and teach golf at ANY TIME and is a 34-year resident of AZ.

Jeff Dumbrell

CAD Design/Processor

Jeff has been around the landscape industry his entire life and began working in the industry in 2013. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching girls’ club volleyball.

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