Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

Dive Into the Latest Backyard Trends, Pool Tips & More

Pool & Spa Resources

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

It may seem like the scorching Arizona sun should be able to heat your pool thoroughly all year roun...
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New Pools

Different Types of Pools You Should Consider

In Phoenix, a backyard pool is more than just a luxury — it's an essential amenity that will allow y...
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Pool & Spa Resources

Popular Pool Water Features

Designing your new pool is definitely the fun part of the process. Seeing your vision come to life i...
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Pool & Spa Resources

Financing Your New Pool: Where to Begin

Paying for a pool with cash is possible for some families. For others, financing is a better option,...
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Service and Repair Resources

How Often Should I Get a Pool Inspection?

A comprehensive pool inspection is usually only necessary when purchasing a new home with a pool. Th...
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Modern Pool Design Inspiration

Building a new pool? A modern pool design is both chic and practical. Think clean lines, fresh new w...
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New Pools

Design Inspiration for Your Pool Waterfall

The design of your pool is a reflection of your lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to know your...
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Outdoor Living

5 Popular Diving Board Games for Kids 

Having a bunch of kids over to play in the pool is the epitome of summer. Planning some pool games e...
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New Pools

How to Determine if You and Your Pool Builder are a Good Fit

Shasta Pools has been turning backyard dreams into a reality since 1966, providing Valley residents...
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New Pools

Arizona Pool Tile Design Inspiration

One of the most enjoyable steps of building a new pool is choosing the design features! Everything f...
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