Current Pool Industry Shortages Causing Construction Delays

Dive Into the Latest Backyard Trends, Pool Tips & More

Current Pool Industry Shortages Causing Construction Delays

Although much of Arizona is beginning to ease from the COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place...
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New Pools

New Pool Demand Continues to Increase to Historic Highs

According to the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, the largest national organization representing the poo...
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New Pools

Heated Pools vs. Non-Heated Pools in Arizona

Should You Heat Your AZ Pool? (We Say Yes!) Owning a pool in Arizona is different than owning a pool...
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Pool & Spa Resources

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

With over 300 sunny days a year, it may seem like the Arizona sun should keep your pool a comfortabl...
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Backyard Entertainment

Small Backyard Landscape and Pool Ideas

When you look out your back door, do you love your yard? Imagine seeing a beautiful swimming pool wi...
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New Pools

Breaking Down the Cost of an Arizona Pool (with Bonus Infographic!)

If you’re thinking about building a pool, chances are your first question is: how much does it cost...
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New Pools

How to Design a Tanning Ledge for your Pool

A baja shelf is often referred to as a tanning ledge because it’s a large area where you could sit i...
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The Best Plants And Shrubs For Saltwater Pools

Whether you already have a saltwater pool or are going to be renovating your current chlorinated poo...
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Pool Maintenance

How to Prevent Pool Water Evaporation in Your Arizona Pool

The average pool in Arizona houses about 10,000 to 15,000 gallons of water—and your pool will lose n...
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10 Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas for Phoenix Pools

Looking for some swimming pool landscaping ideas and inspiration but aren’t sure where to start? Whi...
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