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New Pools

Breaking Down the Cost of an Arizona Pool

If you’re thinking about building a pool, chances are your first question is: how much does it cost to build…
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Pool & Spa Resources

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

With over 300 sunny days a year, it may seem like the Arizona sun should keep your pool a comfortably…
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New Pools

Heated Pools vs. Non-Heated Pools in Arizona

Should You Heat Your AZ Pool? (We Say Yes!) Owning a pool in Arizona is different than owning a pool…
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What Does Monsoon Season Mean for Your Pool?

Summers in Arizona are known for long days playing sharks and minnows in the pool, only to pause for a…
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Water Safety

The Best Safety Features for Your New Pool

When designing a new custom pool, it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun stuff such as shapes,…
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Backyard Entertainment

Best Umbrellas For Your Arizona Pool & Backyard

Sunshine, blue skies, warm temperatures—this is why we love living in Arizona and spending as much time outdoors as we…
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Backyard Entertainment

Keeping Your Patio Furniture in Tip Top Shape

With both sunnier days and summer storms ahead, it’s important to take steps to ensure your patio furniture will last…
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Backyard Entertainment

How to Design a Tanning Ledge or Baja Shelf for your Pool

A baja shelf is often referred to as a tanning ledge because it’s a large area where you could sit…
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Pool Remodel Design

Common Reasons for Pool Renovations

No need to spend another year looking at the same old patio furniture and worn pool accessories—check out these reasons…
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Backyard Entertainment

Level Up Your Yard With Water Features

What’s even better than having a Shasta pool? Having a Shasta pool with great water features! Whether you’re building your…
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