The Best Safety Features for Your New Pool

Water Safety | 05/04/16

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When people design new custom pools, they often focus on the fun and aesthetic features they can install—but forget to consider safety features. Too many people have accidents in pools every year that could be avoided by basic and non-intrusive safety features. Just a little bit of extra forethought can go a long way towards stopping injuries in the long run. Learn about the best pool safety features for your new backyard oasis in Phoenix to keep your family, friends and guests safe this season.

Supervision – The Best of Pool Safety Features

Of course, the best of all pool safety features is that of adult supervision. Every expert will tell you that there is no substitute for keeping an eye on the kids while they swim, and even using the buddy system among adults. Being present in case something bad happens is the best way to not only avoid accidents, but to stop a minor incident from turning potentially fatal.


Proper Signage

It never hurts to have warning and caution signs around your pool, encouraging people to practice safe swimming habits. No running, no diving in shallow water, take care when playing, the power of your pool drain—all of these can be communicated through basic and non-intrusive signage that reminds your swimmers of the potential dangers.


Walls and Fencing

If you’re designing a custom outdoor pool that you want to maintain a natural look, you probably don’t want a chain-link fence surrounding it. Even still, having an enclosure can be an important safety feature to keep kids from wandering in unsupervised. Custom designs can allow enclosures that match the natural aesthetics of your approach while still providing safety. You may even consider multiple enclosures—an outer and an inner fence or wall.


Slip-Proof Surfaces

As you work to design and build your deck area, consider using slip-resistant or slip-proof coatings or products to cut down on the potential for falling on hard concrete or wood. Some of these products are natural while others are add-ons that can be applied with stickers, brushes or sprays.



Adding an alarm to your pool can be a great early warning system to let you know if there’s an intruder present or the potential for a problem exists. There are many forms of alarms on the market, including motion sensors, water sensors, devices on the gates of the pool and even wristbands that your children wear.



Placing a cover on your pool which can handle several hundred pounds is a good way to keep people from getting in the pool without you giving the okay. They can even help to avoid accidents should someone fall in—the cover will catch them and keep them from going under.

If you need advice or help while planning safety features for your new pool, our expert technicians are ready to help. Check out some of our unique pool features, and get in touch with us for more information today!



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