Heated Pools vs. Non-Heated Pools in Arizona

New Pools | 05/15/21

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Should You Heat Your AZ Pool? (We Say Yes!)

Owning a pool in Arizona is different than owning a pool anywhere else, thanks to our amazing year-round weather. But, even in the middle of winter, your pool can offer an enjoyable experience for you, your family and friends. Because of this, one of the most common questions people ask us about is whether or not to spring for the heated pool vs. a non-heated pool—and we say go for it!

Any Time Is Pool Time

Heated pools in Arizona extend the “pool season” from a warm-weather activity to one you can enjoy at almost any time of year. You may think that our pleasant spring and fall temperatures mean that you don’t really need a heated pool. But warm temperatures do not necessarily mean a comfortable swimming temperature.

Even when the sun is shining in April or November, dipping your toe into the pool in those months feels very different than doing it in July. And, that’s the real benefit of heated pools in Arizona—swimmability in the months when the temperatures invite you outdoors but your pool is a bit too chilly to really enjoy.

Which Pool Heater Should You Choose?

Once you decide to heat your pool, the next question you need to ask is whether to use a gas, solar or an electric heat pump pool heater. And really, it depends on a few different factors. Each one has pros and cons, from installation cost to long-term maintenance to how long they last.

Check out our article on everything you need to know about pool heaters to start your research. Once you learn a little about the options, you’ll want to contact an experienced Arizona pool builder and service company like Shasta to discuss which option is right for your pool, your budget and your needs. We’ll spend time checking out your pool, its environment and the kind of pool lifestyle you’re looking for before recommending and installing your pool heater.

One unexpected outcome of heating your Arizona pool? You’ll have the ultimate staycation backyard!


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