6 Small Swimming Pool Designs

Pool | 02/25/15

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Some homeowners choose small swimming pool designs to accommodate their smaller yard, while others opt for a small pool simply because they don’t want to take on the maintenance tasks that come with a larger pool. A less spacious pool can deliver the same pleasure and relaxation as a larger pool, particularly if you choose small swimming pool designs like any of the options below:

1. Slim and Slender Rectangular Pools

Small pools for small yards are often rectangular in shape as these pools fit nicely into almost any backyard. Longer pools with less width are particularly on trend as they afford homeowners the option of going for a swim while providing friends and family with ample lounging space.


2. “L” Shaped Escapes

The “L” shaped pool is the perfect small pool, creating two separate areas for bathers to lounge and play while also being able to fit into tight corner spaces.

3. Corner-Crushing Geometric Designs

For smaller backyards and gardens that may be odd or difficult in shape, small swimming pool designs that take advantage of the block-like shapes that geometric pools offer are often the ideal solution. Consider slight variations from a rectangular or “L” shaped pool for a more modern look or create completely new and innovative designs.


4. Loopy Freeforms

The beauty of the freeform pool is that it can be any shape and size a homeowner wants, making it ideal for any number of small swimming pool designs. Add bends, turns and inlets to accommodate both the shape of your yard and your lifestyle.


5. The Pond Pool

Homeowners wanting a pool that blends right into nature will love the pond pool. Less curvy than a traditional freeform pool, the pond pool can be described as a cross between a circular pool and a kidney-shaped pool and is often the focal point of a smaller backyard.


6. The Lazy River

Though this can be considered a “freeform” pool, this lengthy small pool more resembles an aquatic pathway rather than a freeform tropical oasis.

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