Pool & Spa System Checks

Pool & Spa System Checks

Pool & Spa System Checks

Maintain Your Pool

Arizona’s high temperatures, low humidity and UV degradation can wreak havoc on your pool equipment if it’s not properly maintained. We recommend having an experienced pool technician perform an extensive system check at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. In Arizona’s dry climate, specific parts like O-rings dry out, creating leaks that could damage your pool’s equipment, operation and efficiency.

Shasta Pool Repair On-Site System Check – $140

Schedule a Systems Check

Your Systems Check Will Include:*

  • Look for above ground leaks at the equipment
  • Check filter pressure, which includes backwashing the sand filter
  • Lube all pump lid O-rings and backwash assembly O-ring
  • Check cleaning system operations
  • Test fire the heater** to ensure it operates (if applicable)
  • Inspect salt chlorinator cell for cleanliness
  • Check pool lights & GFCI to ensure they are operating
  • Check automatic water leveler operation
  • Check all ball valves/Jandy or Pentair valves for operation


Schedule Systems Check

Disclaimer: *Once we arrive, if there is anything discovered during the system check that needs repair, the service technician will only charge you for the parts if the work can be completed within the first ½ hour time frame. Any additional time required for the repairs would be charged at our ¼ hour rate for work beyond the systems check. If repairs are required, parts and labor may be an additional charge. There is an additional charge for cartridge, salt chlorinator or any other cleaning.
**If repairs are required, parts and additional labor for the repairs are extra.

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