What Type of Pool is Easiest to Clean?

Pool | 09/28/14

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Did you know that the average pool owner spends 10 to 30 minutes each week maintaining their pool?  The amount of time that you spend balancing the pool chemistry, scrubbing the walls and vacuuming the pool can very much depend on the shape of you pool, too. There’s no question that some swimming pool ideas, designs and pool types are easier to maintain than others, so we’ve given a rundown on the easiest and speediest pool shapes and features to maintain so you can spend more time enjoying your free time and less time scrubbing the pool.

Chlorination System: Saltwater

Both chlorine and saltwater chlorination systems can be used to maintain pool chemistry, but saltwater systems have proven to be easier in terms of cleaning and maintenance.   Unlike chlorine systems, salt water systems only require pool owners to add a bit of salt a little at a time in order to maintain pool chemistry as the salt never fully disappears from your pool waters.

Pool Shape:  Rectangular Swimming Pools

Rectangular swimming pools are the easiest of swimming pool types to clean, with oval-shaped pools coming in second place.  The reason for this is simple: these pools have smooth edges, so these designs are less likely to entrap and catch dirt and debris.  As an added bonus, these pool shapes are a whole lot easier for automatic pool cleaning machines to maneuver, so you’re sure to get a much more thorough clean with less effort.

Speciality Feature: Infinity Edge

Infinity edges are one of the most desired pool ideas, though pool lovers often feel dissuaded in adding this feature to the pool because of maintenance concerns.  In most situations, infinity pools are actually easier to clean than a standard pool due to their specialized filtration system that prevents water stagnation.  There are a couple of special cleaning considerations to make, however, such as calcium build up on the outside wall of the pool.  As long as pool owners regularly clean the wall for a couple of minutes each week, they should be able to completely eliminate the need for any strenuous cleaning tasks.


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