Pool | 02/21/19

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Thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard? There are a number of important elements that go into designing a backyard pool.

  1. Decking: Brick, concrete, pavers, and travertine are all durable and natural-looking decking options.
  2. Shape: There are generally two kinds of pool shapes – geometric and freeform. While both are beautiful, they each have a different look.
  3. Interior tile: Ceramic tile is a solid tile, while glass tile gives off more of a translucent appearance.
  4. Water features: If you’re looking for a way to add some depth to your pool, think about incorporating custom water features.
  5. Specialty lifestyle: A variety of special features like sun shelves and kiddie wading areas, as well as in-pool benches, seating, and tables.
  6. Landscaping: Grass, rocks, planters, trees, and shrubs can all enhance your poolscape.

Understanding the different components that make up your backyard pool will help you get a better feel for what it is you’re looking to incorporate into your custom pool. While it can be a daunting task piecing together the perfect backyard pool, working with someone who is dedicated to making the design process as seamless as possible makes a world of difference.

Unlike most Arizona pool builders, Shasta Pools is part of the Master Pools Guild, a global network of elite pool professionals dedicated to the highest industry standards, providing clients with innovative design, professional attention, quality construction and much more. Shasta Pools knows your lifestyle is unique. We understand that no two people or backyards are alike, and that is why we create innovative pools and spas that reflect your own personality and desires.

Design Your Dream Backyard

Choose from over 100 backyard features to build your dream poolscape from the comfort of your own home with this handy online pool builder. You’re in control when it comes to the shape, style, and features of your pool. Click through each step to design your dream backyard!