Backyard Entertainment | 05/11/14

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Pool exercises are becoming all the rage as people are beginning to understand how the properties of water can be fully utilized so that any ordinary old pool can be turned into a metabolism boosting, muscle building machine. Before we dig into water aerobics benefits and what it is, we’ll first answer the question, “What is water aerobics?”

What is Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is a term used to describe exercises that can be performed in shallow water (i.e. waist deep). It’s also commonly referred to as waterobics, aqua fitness, or aquafit.

Water Aerobics Benefits

A host of benefits come with performing exercises in the pool, such as:

  • It’s low impact and easy on the joints and muscles
  • It increases muscle strength
  • It helps you increase your range of motion
  • It can increase your lung capacity

Aerobic Exercise Examples

There are a lot of different pool exercises, but some are more effective than others. Whatever you choose, it’s important to start off slowly to allow your body to adjust to your new workout.  Below are some top water aerobics exercises that you can start today:

1. Water Walking: This is a great way for anyone to start exercising in the pool. All you need to do is walk from one end of the pool to the other, but be sure that your foot touches the bottom of the pool with each and every step.

2. Dumbbell Exercises:  The local pool has them, and you can purchase them too. These foam dumbbells allow you to perform a variety of land-style exercises, such as bicep curls and chest presses.

3. Water Boxing:  Water boxing is a great way to build up your endurance and work your upper body – especially if you’re nursing a lower body injury.  You can box free-hand or add the dumbbells for added resistance.

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