Three Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Remodeling

Outdoor Living Remodel | 04/19/16

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Every once in a while you may decide that your backyard deserves a little remodeling. This can mean anything from a full renovation of the property to the addition of a single potted plant. The scope and scale of the remodel is totally up to you. If you’re looking to update your landscaping without breaking the bank, however, Shasta Pools has some ideas for you. The following three suggestions are relatively easy landscape additions that can go a long way to giving you that backyard you’ve always wanted.

Add a Pool

This should almost go without saying. If you’ve got the space for it, why not add a pool? Not only will this increase the property value of your home, but it will provide an endless source of relaxation and entertainment. You can have a cookout right around the edge, and when the weather gets too hot, put on a bathing suit and take a dive. Pools make for good eye candy and are otherwise definitely functional. If you want to go all out, incorporate a waterfall or grotto design and really make that pool pop. The kids will definitely love this.


Add a Garden

Another simple and common addition to the average backyard. Not all of us have green thumbs, to be sure, but planting and maintaining a garden doesn’t have to be an impossible task. In fact, enlisting the help of local gardening professionals at the nearest home improvement retail outlet should be enough to get you on the right track with your next garden. One of the common misconceptions here is that you need a large, lush jungle with big, fragrant flowers. That’s not the case at all.

It’s all about subtle additions here. Having a little splash of color can be huge for your backyard remodeling design, and the upkeep can be minimal depending on what plant varieties you try. If you’re really looking for a big addition to the backyard, consider a small glass greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be fancy; even the smallest greenhouse can be very impressive.



If your backyard is naturally uneven or hilly, remodeling the landscape to include some nice terracing could be the way to go to add visual depth to your backyard. You can really spice up the appeal by using different textures with your terraces: maybe have one of grass, another of sand, then back to grass. The possibilities are endless here, and it’s really just a matter of personal preference. You can also incorporate a wall into the design for a little extra privacy.


How Do I Start?

It’s up to you. Depending on what exactly you want done with your backyard remodeling job, you may want to get in touch with a trained professional at your local home improvement warehouse to start the process, especially if you’re looking to add a garden or update a terracing design. If it’s a pool you want, however, you’re going to want Shasta Pools. Feel free to contact us today!