Pool Cleaning | 09/29/14

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Nothing is less appealing than gazing out onto what should be the clean and refreshing p only to find green, red or brown pool stains destroying the view.  Fortunately, these unsightly stains can be taken care of through a variety of different solutions for cleaning pools of organic, metal, or scale-based stains:

Organic Matter

In some situations, the greenish brown pool stains that are in the bottom of your pool are cause by organic waste, such as leaves and foliage, or algae growth.

  • How to clean pool of organic matter: In most situations, a shock treatment followed up with a scrub with a stiff brush will be effective in removing stains from pool

Metal Stains

Pool stains that are reddish brown or very dark in color are typically related to something metal causing the stain.

  • How to remove stains from pool plaster:  For how to clean pool of metal stains, begin by applying a diphosphonic acid-based or natural ascorbic acid-based pool product directly to the stain.

Scale Stains

Pools suffer from white to gray-ish scale stains when calcium deposits are left on the surface of your pool water after water has evaporated.  Scale stains can be due to calcium carbonate (white, flaky stain) or calcium silicate (gray-ish white).

  • How to clean pool of calcium carbonate: Remove scale from pool by using a pumice stone or even a stain eraser.  Acid washing will also do the trick.
  • How to clean pool of calcium silicate: Though a bit trickier, pool owners can try to remove this stain by rubbing it with a coarse pumice stone.  This is extremely time consuming and does require a lot of “elbow grease”, which is why most pool owners will call a pool professional to take care of the problem for them.


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