Shasta Pools: Why Winter Is The Ideal Time For New Pool Construction

Pool | 01/15/14

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Summer may seem far away now, but before we all know it, it’ll be pool season once again.  There are a number of reasons why winter is the best time for having a pool built, starting with the most obvious of all:

Who Swims In The Winter?

Alright, so many of us may enjoy swimming in the wintertime, especially in this warmer Arizona climate.  But no one can argue the fact that a pool gets a whole lot more usage during those hot summer months when we’re all looking for a fun way to cool down.  By having your pool built in the winter time, you’re giving yourself the gift of having that fun pool for your friends, family, and yourself all set up and ready to lounge in a few months from now.

Time To Research

By starting your pool research in November and December, you’re giving yourself a few weeks of grace to gather information about the best pool contractors in the area,  to compare products and pricing, review warranties, and so on.

Get Acquainted With Your Pool Builder

As you may expect, pool construction companies are extremely busy during the summer months.  The wintertime is a bit slower for them, so they’ll be able to spend more quality time with you.  You’ll have more time to ask questions and get answers, and they’ll have more time to focus on constructing the pool that you’ve always wanted.

Fixes And Finishing Touches Will Be Completed In Time

Depending on the type of pool and the features that you’ve ordered or are hoping to add on, having a fully completed pool can take weeks, if not months.  Contractors and construction companies must be hired.  Materials must be ordered and received.  Pieces must be installed.  By having your pool completed by March, you’ll also be able to run the pool a few times and make sure that it’s in top working order and that any repairs will be completed before summer hits.


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