Quick Home Remedies for Maintaining a Clean Arizona Pool

Pool Cleaning | 08/18/14

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Most pool owners know how to maintain a pool – that is, if they have the right tools on hand. But what can you do when you find yourself in a dirty pool bind and with none of the tools of the trade available? Below are some of our favorite quick home remedies that will allow you to create and maintain crystal clear pools with items that you’ll be able to find in your home, starting with:

Baking Soda

Pool green? Or maybe it’s looking a tad cloudy. If you’re wondering how to clear up a cloudy pool and don’t have any of the standard pool chemicals on hand, try baking soda. Adding baking soda will help you reduce you water’s pH balance and clear up your cloudy pool in a matter of hours

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a well known natural alternative to using chlorine because it’s people and pet safe. At 35% concentration, it acts as an oxidizing agent in you pool water.

WARNING: If you’re using D.E. Filters, skip on the hydrogen peroxide as it will cause the diatomaceous earth to dissolve.

Aluminum Sulfate

If tiny particles that are too small for your filter to trap are the cause behind your cloudy pool, try adding aluminum sulfate to you water. When added, this chemical compound will force your particles to clump and stick together, making it easier for your filter to trap and dispose of them. Any remaining particles can be vacuumed out an hour or so after you’ve turned the pump and filter off.


Here’s our final tip on how to maintain a pool: pantyhose! Much like the aluminum sulfate, pantyhose can help capture and dispose of fine particles. Simply slip a pair around your skimmer basket or across your return’s outlet and you’re set!

Whlie the above solutions are regarded as effective “quick fix” solutions for keeping your pool clean and clear, it’s always a good idea to have a professional take a look to ensure your pool is good shape for years to come. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your pool, contact a Shasta Service and Repair specialist who will be happy to help and offer the best recommendations. 



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