Phoenix Pool Maintenance Tip: How to Clean your Filter

Pool Maintenance | 07/08/13

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Sure, you can think of things more fun than cleaning your swimming pool filter, but this is an important part of Phoenix swimming pool maintenance that cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

You can always hire a service technician to do your dirty work for you but whether you do it
yourself or write the check for a trained professional, it is important to know the proper steps involved.

The first step is simply rinsing off any loose debris and dirt from your filter cartridge.  Be careful not to use a high-powered sprayer as you may actually end up forcing dirt and debris into your cartridge.  After rinsing, allow your cartridge to soak overnight in a cartridge cleaner solution that is alkaline based, as this will work better than an acid based solution against the body oils and lotions that bind dirt to your cartridge.  Next, soak the cartridge in a clean, plastic bucket or trash can, immersing it completely, if possible, or one end at a time if you have to.  Lastly, thoroughly rinse the cartridge again to ensure all remaining chemicals and debris are washed away.

After these steps are complete, your filter is ready for reassembly and you can congratulate yourself on a job well done (or supervised)!

Need professional pool service? Don’t hesitate to contact the Shasta Pool Repair Division to schedule a service call or learn more about Shasta’s inhouse Extended Equipment Warranty.

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