Our 7 Favorite Pool Remodeling Features

Pool Features | 01/12/15

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Hoping to give your poolscape a bit of a makeover for the spring season? Below are our 7 favorite pool remodeling features:

1. Water Features

Water features are both a visual and audible delight and pool owners are treated to a wide selection of different features to match the mood and architecture of their home and backyard. Pillars featuring metal or stone bowls and scuppers are incredibly popular, and rock waterfalls and fountains will always be a classic.

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2. Fire Features

Pool owners can add fire features for as little as a few hundred dollars and bring years to excitement and enticement to their backyard living area. Fire pits are a top choice, with fire bowls being a close second favorite.

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3. Beach Entry

Adding a beach entry to the pool not only makes it more functional, but it can completely update the appearance of your pool. This multi-functional entryway not only makes it easier for people to enter, but it provides a great space for lounging or for those who are a bit “water shy” to still get in on the fun of being in a pool.

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4. Baja Landing

Also known as a tanning ledge, this wide and flat shallow surface is ideal for pool loungers. Typically 6 inches or so in depth, loungers can still stay cool under the hot sun without fully immersing themselves in the pool.

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5. Rock Waterslides

Not only does a waterslide provide hours and hours of fun for kids (and the young at heart), but they are incredibly attractive and can double as being a water feature.


6. Waterline Tile

Though not as thrilling as some of the other options on our list, updating your pool’s waterline is not only often a necessary preventative remodeling job but it can also dramatically change the appearance of your pool.

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7. Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing your deck not only makes it non-slip, but it can also update its appearance and make it all the more beautiful. For those with a more generous budget, changing the deck to stone pool decking such as natural stone tiles and travertine is a great way to completely transform the appearance of your poolscape.

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