Natural Pool Decking Options For Your Phoenix Pool

Pool Decking | 06/10/14

featured Image Shutterstock.comThe decking that surrounds your pool is one of the most important areas of your entire poolscape.  The pool decking designs you choose play a key role in helping define the style and personality of your pool. If you're looking to bring a more natural and sophisticated feel to your backyard and garden, then these options will surely not disappoint:


Ideal For: Anyone who loves shape, color, and size varietyAlso known as natural paving or flat slab, a flagstone pool deck is one of the most popular options for Arizona backyards. Flag stone pool deck designs feature rich, earth-toned colors, and its texture naturally creates a safe, non-slip surface.  It's also moisture and heat resistant, and is incredibly


Ideal For:  Natural and traditional settingsSlate is heavy, durable, and can be cut into an array of lengths and widths.  What makes pool decking designs made of slate particular popular are the broad range of color options available.  From blacks and rich browns to rust tones, purples, greens and blues, pool owners have seemingly limitless options when they choose slate pool stone


Ideal For:  Creating a warm, earthy atmosphereA limestone pool deck is one that can retain its beauty for several years regardless of how poor weather conditions may be.  Limestone can be found in shades of gray, blue, brown and even pink, and can be cut in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Many pool designers limestone for pool coping as

Coral Stone

Ideal For: Adding a touch of the tropics to your backyardAlso referred to as coralina fossil stone or keystone, this incredibly distinct material is incredibly durable and provides a non-slip surface.  Another reason why this type of stone is used in many Arizona pool decking designs is because it absorbs a minimum amount of heat and is incredibly easy to maintain.Shasta-CTA-contactus_freeconsult

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