Keeping Your Patio Furniture in Tip Top Shape

Backyard Entertainment | 04/12/24

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With both sunnier days and summer storms ahead, it’s important to take steps to ensure your patio furniture will last for years of backyard fun to come. Choosing high quality patio furniture that’s built to last is an essential first step, but maintaining the quality takes a few easy extra steps – check them out below!

Clean Before It Gets Too Hot

  • Cushions – When it comes to your comfiest outdoor furniture, there’s two great ways to keep them looking fresh – hand washing or power washing. Check out this handy tutorial from HGTV on how to best clean your cushions.
  • Glass Tables – Make those table tops sparkle by first spraying off any excess dirt and grime with a hose. Then, mix water and white vinegar, or your usual glass cleaner instead, and scrub away! Finish up by rinsing with clean water. 
  • Plastic Furniture – This one’s easy – break out that hose again and spray off any dirt or debris, then grab a towel to dry. 
  • Umbrellas – Cleaning patio umbrellas may seem like a daunting task, but check out this tutorial from The Spruce for some great tips.

Use Covers 

With both monsoon season and heavy sunshine approaching, it’s a good idea to invest in covers to protect your patio furniture from the elements. 

Before you purchase any covers, make sure you take measurements of all of your patio furniture. Then, you can narrow down exactly what type of cover you want to go with. 

Consider if you want waterproof or water resistant covers, figure out how much the material will fade, and calculate the ease of cleaning of each cover. 

Store Furniture if Necessary 

Secure loose items, such as umbrellas, when you know a monsoon is approaching. This way, you can avoid unnecessary damage to not only your patio furniture, but also to other items in your yard.

Once you get caught up on your spring cleaning, kick back, relax, and enjoy your spotless backyard! 

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