Service and Repair Resources | 04/30/15

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Here’s the good news: the vast majority of all fiberglass pools won’t need any repairs for at least 20 years from the day they were laid in the ground. However, situations can arise which may result in you needing a fiberglass pool repair.

Pool Repair #1: Cracks in the Pool Wall

This one is obvious. Large and small fiberglass pools can suffer cracks of all sizes that will interfere with the performance of your pool, or even make it downright dangerous to operate.

Pool Repair #2: Spider Cracks in the Gel Coat

Spider cracks in a fiberglass pool are small, hairline fractures that occur on the gel coat of your pool. Though usually posing no structural threat to your pool, many owners choose to undergo fiberglass pool repairs to improve the appearance of their pool

Pool Repair #3: A Leaky Pool

A fiberglass pool may leak because of a crack, though more commonly the pool leaks due to ill-fitted plumbing. This more often than not is due to a backfill material issue, though it often takes an expert to diagnose why the plumbing is causing water loss.

Pool Repair #4: Bulging Walls

Many fiberglass pools that have been installed over the past decade or so suffer from bulging walls. There are numerous reasons why this may result in a fiberglass pool repair, but the issue can be resolved most commonly with a change of the backfill used around you pool.

Pool Repair #5: Faded Pool Finish

A faded fiberglass pool doesn’t mean that you need to completely replace the pool to refresh its look. A fiberglass pool repair that includes refinishing can restore your pool to its previous stunning good looks and save you thousands of dollars in pool replacement costs

Many of the pool repairs listed above can be prevented by choosing a quality fiberglass pool and enlisting in the help of fiberglass pool experts for the installation. Find out more about the fiberglass pools at Shasta here: http://www.shastafiberglasspool.com/.

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