Featured Product: QuikSkim

Pool Cleaning | 12/18/14

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Did you know that the average pool owner spends over 3 hours a week cleaning and maintaining their pool? Even when the pool isn’t in high use, like during the winter time, there is still a lot of cleaning to be done. As the winds pick up and the debris continue to blow in during these cooler months, pool owners often find themselves cleaning more debris out of their pool more than any other time of year than any other. While the standard skimming products may be able to remove small debris such as petals and and leaves, larger debris is often left either floating on a pool’s surface or sinking to the bottom.

Check and Balance your Water Chemistry

Even winterized pools that aren’t in use during the cooler months need to have their water checked at least once a week to ensure that the chemicals are balanced. Otherwise you may end up with a green pool come spring!

Upgrade to a QuikSkim Skimmer

Here’s the good news: as technology continues to evolve, innovative products are being developed to help make a pool owner’s life a little easier. One of the best products to hit the market is the QuikSkim, an A&A Venturi-Powered Automatic Skimmer that’s able to quickly skim your pool’s surface and remove debris before it even sinks to the bottom of the pool (though the QuikSkim can also reach the floor of the pool should anything land there). The QuikSkim doesn’t require any additional pump power yet cleans as if it has an additional pump meaning you get the power of two pumps with the cost and energy spent of one. It is also safer than other skimmers as it features a patented Anti-Entrapment feature that will quickly and easily release anything that may be blocking it – like a person swimming in your pool.


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