Pool Construction | 01/06/16

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Following the correct process for choosing a pool builder can make a tough decision significantly easier. You will naturally want a to select a contractor who is not only talented and has a great reputation but who also has experience with the specific pool design you want.

To help out aspiring pool owners in this position, here is our suggested checklist for finding and selecting the perfect Sun City West pool contractor:

__ #1 Know Your Project Goals

Finding the right contractor for you is impossible if you do not know exactly what you will need them to do. As such, your first task should be to narrow down your project by selecting the pool installation type and the pool area layout you want. Research the most common materials and installation methods, and make tentative decisions about what the final product will look like.


__ #2 Gather Referrals from People You Trust

Residential pool builders can tend to be a small community. Chances are, if you know someone who has a great-looking backyard pool, they can refer you to a pool contractor in the Scottsdale area who did the work or the remodel.


__ #3 Research Alternatives Online

In addition to the direct word-of-mouth referrals you gather, you will want to see what Detective Google can dig up for pool builders or pool contractors in your area. Write down these company names below the referrals since word-of-mouth recommendations often carry more weight than online candidates.


__ #4 Look into the Most Promising Companies

Chances are that you can immediately pick out several companies who look like they are the best fit. See what their reputation is online by consulting review sites like Angie’s List and Google Pages.


__ #5 Check Their Credentials

Any candidates that have made it this far should be quickly reviewed for legitimacy. Look up individual contractors on the Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s database. Ensure that their license is up-to-date and includes any specialty work they may perform, such as land grading and electrical wiring.


__ #6 Have a Chat

Give the contractors you like best a call or arrange a face-to-face meeting. This meeting can serve as a consultation for your project where the contractor contributes their ideas to the concept. This meeting also serves as an interview; you will be ensuring that the contractor seems friendly, honest and easy to work with.


__ #7 Ask for References

No matter how great a contractor seems in person, you will want to judge them by their work. Ask for a list of references as well as photos of their most recent completed projects. Pay particular attention to pool installations that seem similar to yours.


__ #8 Review Their Bids

When you feel like you have one or more contractors that might fit the bill, you will want to see exactly how they intend to fulfill the pool installation. Request a bid, which will contain an estimate of cost, a list of needed materials and a projected timeline for the project to be completed.


 Making the Final Decision

With one or several bids in hand, you can begin making the final selection decision for which Scottsdale pool builder will be able to serve you best. Remember to balance price along with quality and reputation — the cheapest builder may cost you more in the long run if their installation was faulty.

Hopefully, one candidate will stand out amongst the rest and provide you with an easy answer for whom to go with. With them selected, you can start work on installing a gorgeous new pool that could be ready in time for spring pool season.