Water Safety | 02/25/19

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With spring right around the corner, pool owners around Arizona will be re-opening their pool for the new pool season over the next couple of months.  That makes now a great time for family to review or to establish springtime safety tips and rules so that all bathers can have a fun time in the pool while staying safe.  We’ll kick off our list with the most important of the spring safety tips:

Invest in a Fence

The best way to prevent any unwanted hazards around the pool is to put a fence around it.  This will keep little ones, pets, and strangers out of the pool even when you may not be looking.  The fence should be at least 5 feet in height and be outfitted with a lockable latched door.

TIP:  To keep your pool extra safe, consider installing a pool alarm so that you’ll be alerted any time someone enters the pool area.

Post Pool Rules Where Everyone Can See Them

Every May is National Water Safety Month, and one of the key springtime safety tips is to keep the pool rules posted where everyone can see them.  This will act as a reminder to all swimmers of how they should conduct themselves around the pool. Include any emergency numbers as well, such as ambulance, fire, and poison control.

Use A Non-Slip Surface

Though every pool owner should have a strict “no-running” rule, the surface surrounding your pool may still be quite slippery, even to those walking by.  If you don’t already have a non-slip coating for the surrounding patio, it’s a good idea to apply one.

Lock Up Pool Chemicals

As tempting as it may be to leave pool chemicals right by the pool for accessibility reasons, it’s extremely dangerous to leave them in reach of others.  Children and pets are often drawn to the sometimes colorful and harmless looking chemicals which, when swallowed, can cause serious health problems or even death.