8 of Our Favorite Swim Pool Accessories For Spring

Pool | 04/02/15

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Spring is all about getting back outside and enjoying everything that our beautiful state of Arizona has to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to hit the pool. Get ahead of the game and outfit your pool with some of the best swimming pool accessories this season! Your friends and family will be begging to pay a visit.

1. Pool Noodles

Pool noodles aren’t only cost effective, but they’re one of the mostdiverse outdoor living products and provide kids and adults with hours of fun! Use as a floaty in the pool, or transform your noodle into a hoop, turn it into a floating candy cane during the holidays, or stack them together to build a raft. Swimways Pool Noodle Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies. 

782122. Floating Fountain

Don’t have the room or desire to keep up with a permanent fountain in the pool? Home pools can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art with floating LED fountains that shot colorful streams of water right into the night sky. Underwater Light Show and Fountain Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies.



5910073. Floating Sofas

Floating lounges are great outdoor living products for those who are seeking some privacy and seclusion, but floating sofas are the perfect party accessory. These sofas can accommodate 3 to 4 grown individuals and are just as comfortable as your living room couch! Kwik Tek Pool-N-Beach Cabana Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies



76366_403464. Basketball Hoop

Visitors will have hours of fun shooting and dunking beach balls and basketballs into your poolside basketball hoop! Dunn-Right Poola Hoops Poolside Basketball Game Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies. 




760805. Volleyball Net

Not into slam dunks? You’ll be sure to get everyone in on the fun in the pool with a vigorous game of pool volleyball with a pool volleyball net. Dunn-Right ProVolley Deck Mounted Pool Volleyball Set Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies.




image-46. Fiber Optic Lights

Though not something that cam be played with, creatively placed fiber optic lighting will turn any pool into unique pools that are a visually stunning place to splash and swim even after the lights go down. Wrap fiber optics around the outline of your pool like in this photo or furnish other aspects of the pool and garden with these lights to create new focal points Contact a Shasta representative for pricing details.

283657. Splash Pad

Though not exactly a pool accessory, splash pads do serve as a great place for youngsters to cool off and play during the spring months. Once the kids or grand kids have grown up, the area can be transformed into a fountain or a spa. SR Smith Wetdeck Splash Pad Available at Leslie’s Pool Supplies.



66618. Water Safety Wrist Alarms

With a growing number of homeowners opening their pools for the spring, it’s important to keep safety at the front of our minds, especially for children. Wrist alarms are the latest and best swimming pool accessories for kids as they immediately alert parents and caretakers when a child has entered the water. Safety Turtle Child Wristband available at DIY Controls.

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