5 Popular Diving Board Games for Kids 

Outdoor Living | 08/22/19

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Having a bunch of kids over to play in the pool is the epitome of summer. Planning some pool games ensure the kids will be having fun for hours. Pool games should be easy to learn, a little bit silly, and have safety guidelines. Keep the games simple so that kids of all ages can play.

There are many pool games that don’t require a diving board, but for those who do have a diving board, we’ve compiled this list of popular diving board games. Whether the diving board is home base or the jumping board for some epic cannonballs, it’s sure to serve up a good time!

Making memories in the pool is what childhood is all about. Try out one of these games with your kids the next time you’re heading out to the pool.

Safety note: These games should always be played with parent supervision. When diving or jumping, only use the deep end, and no running on the diving board!

Shark and Minnows

The diving board version of this game requires one designated shark who stands on the diving board. The minnows stay in the water. When the shark is ready, they jump into the water and try to tag the minnows. If a minnow is tagged, they become a shark. The goal is to get everyone to become sharks.

Cannonball Contest

This classic diving board game needs a judge and a team of jumpers. Each person completes a cannonball off the diving board. The judge chooses the winner!

Noodle Jump

Place a pool noodle in the water in front of the diving board. Everyone lines up at the diving board. Each person has to jump (not dive) over the noodle to complete the challenge. Move the noodle further and further to see how far you can jump.

Treasure Hunt

This game can be played with two people or a group of people. One person scatters and “hides” pool toys and diving rings around the pool. Everyone else dives in and can only bring one toy back to the diving board at a time. Whoever has the least amount of items in their found pile is the next one to hide the toys.

Jump or Dive

Designate one person to be the caller. The other players line up behind the diving board. As each diver jumps off the diving board, the caller calls out “jump” or “dive.” Before the jumper hits the water they have to execute the call. Switch it up with some random calls like belly flop, cannonball, or jumping jack.

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