Pool | 02/19/14

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Creating beautiful pools isn’t always an easy task, but there are some features that seem to be incorporated into all of the best pools in Arizona.  Below is our list of the 5 things that we think every dream pool has in common, starting with:

1. Where Water Meets Fire

Some of the most outstanding beautiful pools that we’ve seen have seamlessly blended fire and water features.  And here’s even better news for homeowners: you don’t need to break your budget to add some unique fire elements to your backyard living space!

2. Customized Shapes

The standard kidney-shaped pool is no longer in.  Nowadays, the best pools are striving to provide homeowners with an entire “spa experience”, including specialized entryways and geometric designs which incorporate a variety of water, fire, and light features.

TIP:  When it comes to shapes, the best pools that we’ve seen include a design which suits the design of the home and backyard.  A traditional old country home, for example, may look a bit ridiculous with a complicated geometric pool.

3. Have A Focal Point

The dream pool almost always has a focal point, whether it is a rocky grotto with tumbling waterfalls, a stately fireplace, or a blazing fire bowl in the center of the pool.  Whatever the focal point is should suit the outdoor atmosphere and the homeowner’s personal tastes.

4. Gorgeous Decking

When homeowners choose a great style of decking that blends in with the backyard and suits the style of the home, they can transform even the most basic lap pool into a gorgeous area for friends and family to lounge and enjoy.  Consider timeless stone materials such as flagstone, travetertine, or concrete pavers.

5. Crystal Clear Water

Finally, what we see in all beautiful pools are crystal clear water.  Whether it’s a standard chlorinated or salt water pool or a natural pool, the water should always be clear, clean, and sparkling.

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