Pool Remodeling Resources | 02/23/15

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Whether you’re in the pool planning stages or are already enjoying you own private waterscape, one thing is for certain: there will come a time when pool renovations will become a necessity. Read up on why you may need these five essential pool renovations and when they should be done.

1. Pool Resurfacing

It can be difficult to know exactly when a pool will need to be resurfaced as there are many variables that can play a part in how long an interior finish holds up. For instance, if the chemicals in your pool go unbalanced, that can definitely seed up the need for a resurface. Also, products that are plaster based tend to need attention quicker that a pebble based product. When you start to see cracking and staining in your pool, it’s likely time to have the pool resurfaced.

2. Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool owners have sometimes gone decades without needing to undergo pool deck resurfacing, depending on the type of deck they choose. When you start to see substantial cracking, staining and/or peeling, it may be time to go ahead and move forward with a deck resurface. Some pool owners like to have their ShastaDeck simply re-colored just to keep the color looking fresh. This can be done by Shasta as long as the product was applied by us and is still tightly connected to the concrete.

3. Pool Tile Repair or Restoration

Waterline tile on pools has been known to last for a decade or more. Things such as chemical imbalance can cause the grout to be diminished, which can cause tile to need to be replaced sooner. Also, as color and pattern trends change, some customers elect to have their tile updated to keep their backyard looking up to date.

4. Equipment Related Pool Renovations

It’s important to note that the equipment that is in your pool today will eventually require repairs, replacement or need to be upgraded to maximize the efficiency of your pool and reduce utility costs. Fortunately, a number of these pieces of equipment such as pumps and heaters are under warranty for 5 years and, when high in quality, can last well past that time frame. When you start to notice unusual sounds coming from your equipment area, it is best to call in for service right away so that more damage is not done.

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