Pool Remodeling | 01/29/15

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After a long and busy day, how nice would it be to unwind in the warm and soothing waters of a hot tub spa? Without the right setting, however, that tranquility can be easily lost amongst noise, visual distractions, and lack of privacy. If you’re finding you hot tub spa less than calming, we have 3 ideas that are sure to turn any unique pools and spas into a private getaway.

1. Create An Enclosure

Fences and garden walls are a great way to ensure privacy from any peeping neighbors, but homeowners may want to create a private space for their spa within their own backyard. Having a raised spa built into your pool can help create a sense of privacy, and detached spas have even more options. Consider using the following to create a more intimate space:

  • Pergolas
  • Lattice
  • Potted plants
  • Clever landscaping
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2. Construct a Quiet Space

Ideally your spa should be located as far away from any potential noise as possible, though oftentimes one of the noisiest parts of the spa is its mechanical components. The WhiSpa is a new innovative product that allows homeowners to truly unwind without having to endure the whirring and grinding noises that often accompany other products on the market. The plumbing is also incredibly simple, saving owners of unique pools and spas money. Learn more about the WhiSpa here.

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3. Surround Yourself in Beauty

The landscaping surrounding your hot tub spa will play a significant role in just how easily you’ll be able to relax after a long day. Choose plants, pots and other outdoor structures such as arbors and trellises to not only help define your outdoor spaces (this will create order and help highlight you favorite landscaping elements) but to promote a sense of calm and serenity.



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