Pool Remodeling | 11/20/13

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With the hot weather coming to an end, more and more of us are beginning to evacuate the pool and are starting to hibernate indoors.  This presents pool owners with the fantastic opportunity to then remodel their pool while it’s not in high demand or use.  Not sure if you need to remodel?  Then consider these 3 telltale signs that will indicate whether you should remodel your Shasta Pool or not:

1. Cracks, Fractures and Breaks

As much as you may want to put off that costly or cumbersome pool repair, the time to fix it is now. The fall is the perfect time to have any fixes – big and small – performed as no one will be wanting to use the pool, and if there is a delay in a repair at this point, no one will still be wanting to use the pool until March or April at the earliest.  Some fixes that are regularly needed include:

  • Cracks in the pool foundation
  • Deck boards that are splintered or damaged
  • Bad pump motors that need replacement
  • Damaged pool liners that require replacement or repair

2. Take Care Of Any Visible Flaws

Visible flaws may not necessarily affect the functionality of the pool or cause permanent damage to its foundation, but renovating your pool to match your backyard landscape or changing the tiling so it no longer looks like the pool stepped right out of the 80s is something homeowners should do to increase the appeal of their pool, as well as their property value.

3. Lack Of Efficiency

If your pool is anywhere from a decade or older, then it can likely do with a good overhaul in terms of increasing energy efficiency.  As you likely know, your pool is incredibly intensive in terms of resources.  It takes a lot of water and electricity to keep the pumps running and the heat going.  By increasing the energy efficiency by changing the pumps, adding a new energy friendly heating system and including a pool cover (and if its solar, even better!) then you’ll be saving a ton on your utility bills in no time.

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