2 Things You Must Do Before Draining Your Arizona Pool

Pool Maintenance | 01/07/14

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Most pools don’t have to be drained – ever.  It’s important for pool owners to understand that their pool is perfectly fine and will continue to stay in great shape filled with water, even if a pool owner is shutting his or her pool down for the season.

If you do find yourself to be in a situation where the draining of the pool is unavoidable, then it’s important that the homeowner do so with some guidance.  Here are our tips for draining your own pool:

Contact A Professional

Most pool contractors and repair companies will gladly provide you with assistance for draining your pool.  They’ll either:

a) Perform the task for you; or

b) Provide you with specific information about how you should drain your own pool

Many pools can be drained by the pool owner, but there are a number of pools of all ages and types that may be negatively impacted by a draining.

Proper Measures To Consider

Before draining your pool, there are two measures that every pool owner needs to take seriously:

  • How much water is around the outside of your pool:  The hole that was dug when your pool was put into the ground is now likely full of water, especially if you’re draining your pool during the wetter fall and winter months.  The soil type will play a huge role on just how favorable it is for you to drain your pool (i.e. clay is the least favorable, sandy is the most favorable as water dries faster).  Water on the outside of the pool can cause for the walls to collapse, for the pool to crack, or for the pool’s shell to be completely pushed up and out of the ground.
  • How well the pool is braced:  This is particularly important for fiberglass pools.  Pool contractors will be able to advise or brace your pool for you so that your pool won’t become damaged in the process.

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