Pool Design | 06/17/14

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When it comes to luxury pools, there are just some pool designs Arizona that are more impressive than others. If you’re looking to create a dream pool that’s loaded with sophisticated design pool and spa elements, then these 10 elements should be at the top of your considerations list:

1. Infinity Pool

Always a favorite, the infinity pool or negative edge pool or spa is a great way to create the sense of having an endless stretch of water in any type of surrounding or atmosphere.

2. In-Pool Barstools

In-pool barstools are an absolute must for anyone who entertains on a regular basis.  These barstools allow guests in the pool to swim right on up and request their favorite drink without even needing to leave the pool!

3. Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are a great place to catch some rays and work on your tan, but they can also serve another purpose.  Under the strict supervision of an adult, children and even pets can safely splash and play in this shallower area of the pool.

4. Sunken Tanning Beds

Is there anything more luxurious than being able to sit in the pool without having to touch the water?  Not only will loungers be able to benefit from the cool and calming effects of the pool, but being situated that close to the water will allow anyone to really work on their tan – or burn, if they aren’t wearing sunscreen!

5. Secret Caves & Grottos

Caves and grottos are a huge draw for anyone planning on creating a tropical oasis in their backyard.  Creating mysterious entry and exit points behind tumbling waterfalls and water spouts will encourage anyone to leap into the pool.

6. Sheet Waterfalls

While tumbling waterfalls will always be a hit, sheer sheet waterfalls exude a far more modern and luxurious feel than other types of waterfalls.

7. Glass Tiles

Not only are glass tiles more durable, but they’re able to catch the light in far more unique way than other types of tiles.

8. Firebowls

Fire elements are always a great way to create some excitement around your pool area, with firebowls being the most popular choice due to their versatility.

9. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a great option for a couple of reasons:

  • They’re visually stunning
  • They’re versatile

You can create a customized streamlined dream pool with all of the elements that you want and incorporate them into this as simple or as ornate as desired pool design.

10. Glass Walls

Luxury pools often have that one single feature that sets them apart from your standard in ground or above ground pool, and one of those which we’ve seen rise in popularity is the glass wall.  Incorporating a glass wall, particularly near a congregation area such as the kitchen or patio area, will encourage swimmers and land guests mix and mingle.

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