Backyard Entertainment | 12/05/13

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Forget the skis, sleds and snowboards.  For those of us who live in a warmer climate and won’t be having a “white Christmas” this year, you may want to head out to the pool for some fun and games.

Bowl Full Of Jelly

They say that Santa’s belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, so you’ll be giving your swim contestants a chance to replicate this notorious oversized stomach in the pool.  For this game, you need an oversized t-shirt for each contestant and a whole lot of blown up balloons (you can also use smaller beach balls as well).  Place the balloons out on the surface of the pool, throw those extra large t-shirts on your contestants, and then ask for them to dive in and try to fit as many balloons in their shirt in one minute.  The contestant who has the most balloons in his or her shirt at the 1 minute mark wins.

Pulling The Sled Relay

You may not be able to go sledding on snow, but you can still have a nice sled ride on top of the water.  In this relay, your contestants will be put in pairs.  One contestant will be sitting on a floaty that has a string or rope attached to it, and the other will be in the pool.  When you say “GO!”, the person in the pool will run, kick, and swim his or her way to the other end of the pool while pulling his or her teammate behind them.  When they get to the other end of the pool, the person on the sled will then jump into the water while the person who had done the pulling will now get to ride the sled.  Which ever team makes it back to the starting line first, wins.

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