Pool | 02/28/19

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When you’re swimming with kids, it’s fun to play games that involve everyone in the pool, including the adults. These are some of our favorites that are sure to spark some healthy competition and fun family memories.

  1. Marco Polo

This is the classic pool version of tag. One person is designated as Marco. That person goes to the edge of the pool and counts to ten. The other players disperse throughout the pool. Once he counts to ten, Marco begins searching for the others with eyes closed. The goal is to not get tagged by Marco. As he begins to shout “Marco,” each player must respond with “Polo” (unless they’re underwater). If someone decides not to respond to Marco, he can call them out. If caught, they become the next Marco.

  1. Handstand Contest

This one isn’t technically a game but it can provide hours of fun. One person plays judge and assigns the type of handstand that each person must do, like point one toe or do a bicycle. Each person has to complete the challenge. Whoever gets the best score from the judge becomes the new judge.

  1. Shark and Minnows

For this game of tag, one person who is the shark will start off in the shallow end of the pool. The rest of the players are the minnows and they start off standing on the deck of the other end of the pool. If you don’t have a deep end, the minnows should start in the water. The Shark then says, “One, two, three, come to me!” or another phrase, the minnows jump in and start swimming to the opposite edge where the shark is. If the shark tags a minnow before they reach the edge, then they become the shark for the next round.

  1. Chicken Fight

There are two teams of two people per team. One person from each team sits on the other person’s shoulders. The two people on top have to link hands and try and knock the other person into the water. Be careful near the edges!

  1. What time is it, Mr. Fox?

The sneakiest swimmer is sure to win this game. Designate one person to be Mr. Fox. That person stands at the shallow end of the pool with their eyes closed. The other players line up at the other end of the pool. Each person takes a turn to ask, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Mr. Fox will respond with a time. The time will correspond to the number of swim strokes the players should do. For example, 3 o’clock equals three strokes. The goal is to quietly swim by Mr. Fox and touch the edge. If you get tagged, you’re the next Mr. Fox.