How to Child Proof Your Arizona Pool

Water Safety | 03/30/19

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With drowning being the second leading cause of accidental death amongst children under the age of 14, there’s no question that owning a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only is it a great place for fun filled family time, but it’s one that presents a number of dangers to children. Part of summer safety for kids includes educating them how to be responsible in and around the pool, but another large part of children and water safety is making your pool childproof.

Fences Are a Necessity, Not an Accessory

All homeowners should include building a fence into their pool construction plans, regardless of whether they have children or not. This won’t only protect future children or grandchildren from entering into the pool, but it’ll protect neighborhood children, pets, and wildlife from potentially drowning in its waters too.  The fence should be 4 feet in height and feature a self closing and self latching gate.  ake sure that the latches are high enough so that they’re out of a small child’s reach.

Pool Alarms for Added Protection

Consider adding alarms to your pool in “layers.” The first should be an alarm on the door or gate to the pool. The second alarm could be an alarm for around the pool area or if a movement in the water is detected.  Many pool owners now have a third alarm for their children, one which can be worn around the wrist like a watch and will sound if it comes in contact with water.

A Rigid Pool Cover to Prevent Drowning

Rigid pool covers are a must when it comes to summer safety for kids. Soft covers can sink into the waters and actually cause a person of any age to become entrapped and drown. Rigid covers will stay strong and support a child’s weight should he or she choose to unwisely climb on top of it.