Get In Shape Fast With These 3 Low Impact Water Aerobics Workouts

Pool Remodel Design | 06/14/14

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Thinking about starting a water aerobics routine or looking for some new techniques to shake things up? These three low impact cardio workouts will help you get toned and burning calories while having fun in the pool.


Making Waves

With skirt and short season here, this exercise will blast your back, abs, buttocks and legs into shape. Start this water aerobics routine by:

  • Move along the pool wall until you’re chest-deep in the water
  • Hold the edge of the pool with your left hand while placing your right palm against the wall just below the water line with your fingers pointing downwards (this will increase your stability)
  • Extend your legs behind you at water level, with knees and feet together, and then kick as if you were a dolphin. Start by initiating the movement with your abs and hips, and then continue streaming that energy down through your thighs, knees, and to your feet.
  • Continue this motion for as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds

Ball Press

One of the key benefits of water aerobics is that it’s low impact, and this resistance exercise will blast your triceps, shoulders, back and abs into shape without putting any additional stress on your joints

  • In chest-deep water, take a beach ball and slowly float face down with your legs extended behind you and feet together
  • Extend the beach ball downwards towards the bottom of the pool
  • Once comfortable, move the ball underneath you in an arc-like motion towards your thighs as fast as you can. As you move the ball, your head will naturally lift out of the water for you to take a breath.
  • When the ball gets to your highs, bend your elbows to bring the ball back to the surface, and then press it forwards and downwards to bring it to your starting position.
  • Continue this motion for 30 seconds

The Ultimate Otter

Of all the water workouts, this water aerobics routine is going to work every muscle in your body, from your legs and butt to your abs and back.

  • Grab that beach ball again and hug it close to your chest. Lay flat on your back with your legs fully extended and feet together
  • Roll towards the left and then on top of the ball, driving your left shoulder and hip into the water to get a full revolution
  • Once back to starting position, lead with your right shoulder
  • Continue this for 30 seconds

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