Four Fun Swimming Pool Ideas For You And Your Family During The Winter

Backyard Entertainment | 02/06/15

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Spring is right around the corner and pool owners across Arizona are just itching to open their backyard swimming pools. We’ve come up with four fun swimming pool games and ideas that may just convince you that February is the best time to open the pool:

1. The Polar Bear Swim

Though traditionally done in January, those with backyard swimming pools can hold their very own polar bear swim at any time of the year. Base taking a chilly dip in your cool pool on a dare, a bet, or make an event of it and invite friends and family over to partake in the fun. Just be sure to have some warm drinks and appetizers available so your chilly swimmers can heat up afterwards!

2. Leaping Ice Cubes and Floats

For this game, families will need a few swimming pool accessories such as large floaties that are ideal for laying or sitting on in the pool. Have each player try to make their way across the pool by leaping from one floaty or “ice float” to another across your frigid pool waters without falling in. The first person to make it across wins!

3. Build Your Own Summer

Just because the weather may be a bit cool outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own summery setting. Bring on all of the traditional summer swimming pool accessories like beach balls, pool noodles and floaties, and deck out you patio in surf boards, hula girls and tiki torches. Invite your friends over and have a little summer in February party. It will be a nice way to break up the dreariness of the past few months and get excited for Spring. If some people celebrate Christmas in July why not celebrate Summer in February.

4. The Swimming Pool Slackline

Walking across a slackline is just like tight rope walking, only when a professional kit is installed properly, you’re ensuring that you’re partaking in this fun activity in the safest way possible. Pool owners can stretch the slackline across the length of the pool and challenge friends and family to test their balance and see if they can make it across. For those who don’t, they’ll enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool.

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