Water Safety | 04/28/20

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What’s one of the best ways to teach kids about water safety? Games, of course! Water safety games and activities are a great way to help kids learn to stay safe in a fun and memorable way. Try out these 5 water safety games for kids.


Lesson: Teaches kids to ask permission to enter the pool

Sometimes kids get so excited about swimming that they forget to ask permission to enter the pool. But if you make it a fun family “secret,” kids will love being a part of it. When working on water safety worksheets or playing water safety activities, encourage your child or children to agree on a secret code or password that they can use to ask permission to enter the pool.


 Lesson: Help kids be more comfortable in the water

Children can be divided into teams or work individually, depending on how many are present. Have them enter the water at waist-deep level and provide each child or team with a list of items they need to find. Drop the items into the pool and have the children retrieve all of the items on their list. The first child or team to gather all of the items wins!


 Lesson: Teaches children about currents

Have the kids enter shallow water (about thigh-high), with each person one arm’s length away from the next. Have them begin by walking together in a circle, then jog and finally run as fast as possible, all while maintaining the circle. Tell the children to stop quickly and try to run in the opposite direction. They’ll quickly discover how hard it is to go against the current. This is also a great lesson to learn if you enjoy trips to the beach.


 Lesson: Teaches children to listen to swimming instructions

This easy game starts with children standing waist-deep in the water. You’ll say, “Green light!” at which point the children move towards you. When you say, “Red light!” and blow a whistle, the children must stop immediately. Those that move after you say, “Red light!” are out. The first child to make it to your side of the pool wins.


 Lesson: Encourages children to become comfortable with swimming underwater

Of the summer safety games for kids, this one is best for children who are learning or have learned how to swim underwater. One child is “it” and starts in the middle of the swimming pool, while the other players will start against the same wall at one end of the pool. The players will then try to reach the opposite end without being tagged by the player who is “it”.

The player who is “it” closes his or her eyes and can call out “dolphin” (children swim above water), “froggy” (children swim in the middle of the water) or “submarine” (children swim underwater). While keeping his or her eyes closed, the “it” player must try and tag a player. Any player who gets past whoever is “it” yells, “Survivor!” Whomever is tagged then becomes “it”.