Buyer Beware! 3 Signs That You Shouldn’t Choose That Pool Company

Pool | 12/15/13

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We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to pool companies, but that “large selection” is muddied with less than quality pool contractors.  In fact, given just how popular and affordable pool ownership has become, more “less than reputable” pool companies have been hitting the market than ever before.  To save yourself both time and money, here are 3 warning signs that will tell you to “steer clear” of any given pool company:

The Good Ol’ Bait And Switch

This isn’t a new tactic.  In many industries companies will offer a “fantastic deal”, only to then try to coerce you into buying the “better” (and certainly more expensive) model once you walk in through their front doors.  A quality pool company won’t jump to trying to force you to invest in something you don’t want.  They’ll listen to your wants, your dreams, and then make educated and helpful suggestions based on that.

Undue Pressure to Sign The Contract

Good pool construction companies leave it to you to tell them when you want the pool built, if at all.  Unprofessional pool construction companies will try to rush homeowners into signing on that dotted line.  They may even begin trying to offer off-hand discounts, such as claiming that they can get you a reduced price because your pool will be used as a “model pool” if you sign the contract today.

The Building Permit Isn’t Your Job

Disreputable pool companies will try to tell the homeowner that it is “best” for them to take out the Building Permit, when in fact that isn’t part of your responsibility.  The contractor is in charge of paying for and maintaining that Building Permit for your property.

TIP:  Make sure that it states in the contract that the pool builder will only be subcontracting help that are licensed and bonded.

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