A Guide to Pool Sizes for Your Arizona Backyard

Pool | 10/21/14

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One of the most common questions that homeowners ask themselves is how big their pool should be. With the only physical restriction in regards to pool sizes being the size of your property, you could have a pool that’s as large or as small as you’d like. Although home owners often feel inclined to build as big of a pool as possible, that also means extra maintenance and cost. Below are some key items that you should consider when thinking about pool sizes and pool options:

* The Pool’s Use

The best way to justify a large or lengthy pool is if you plan on swimming laps. For this reason, the pool should be at least 34 feet in length. If your pool will mostly be used for relaxing and recreation, strongly reconsider building a huge pool. Unless you plan on throwing parties with tons of guests lounging and playing in the pool, a 25 foot pool would be just fine.

* The Pool’s Features and Accessories

In some instances, you’ll have to consider different pool sizes depending on the features that you plan to add. If you plan on building a spa, then that space will obviously need to be taken into account. But if you’re considering adding a rocky grotto waterslide or a diving board, for example, you’ll need to carefully plan the length and depth of your pool. Your pool builder will be able to assist you in knowing the correct lengths and depths your pool needs to be for theses features.

* The Patio Space

For many, having ample patio space is far more important than having an amply sized pool. Consider what and who you plan on having on the patio, such as patio furniture, grills, and guests. In fact, consider your backyard’s green space and any other items besides a pool that you may want to add later on (such as play equipment for the kids or grand kids, a trampoline, etc.).

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