Pool | 01/23/15

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When getting a new custom pool installed in your backyard, gunite can be one of the best options. Gunite pools are one of the best options because they give you more freedom to design your pool exactly the way you want it.

1. The Double Decker

For those who already have a steep drop or hill in their backyard, this pool can be easily built into your current landscape. At the top of the hill one pool is built. One of the sides of the pool features a negative edge which cascades water down into a second lower pool which may be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet or more below the upper pool. Build in a rock waterslide that starts from the top pool and runs to the bottom and you’ll certainly have one very cool pool!

2. The Backyard Pond Pool

For those who may not be keen on tropical retreats, the backyard pond pool is one that will take you back to your childhood memories of going for a dip in the ol’ watering hole. Our favorite pond pools are those that include natural geographic elements that allow the pool to blend into its surroundings, and include some other cool features like diving boards and rope or tire swings.

3. The Object-Inspired Pool

Though this has been done in the past, with today’s broad lighting selections, individuals can now build pools that resemble their favorite object during the night and day. Choose from interesting in-pool LED lights to creating one or two primary colors and then selecting from fiber optic tile line and in-floor lights to add definition, such as drawing the outline of a shape or adding strings to a violin shaped pool.

4. Twinkling Pools and Spas

The crystal clear waters of your pool and spa are beautiful, but largely unseen at night. Now creative pool designers are adding twinkling and color changing lights to the floor of pool and spas. When coupled with gorgeous sparkling tile, you’ll find it absolutely irresistible to not enter one of these brilliantly designed pools and spas.

5. The Volcanic Pool and Spa

Water features and fire features offer a natural contrast of relaxation and excitement, making this combination irresistibly beautiful. Adding a streaming rock waterfall and then carving out a blazing covered fire pit into the rock creates an engaging lava-like visual effect.



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