Service and Repair Resources | 04/20/15

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A pool repair and service job is in the future of almost every pool, from tile waterline cleaning to a complete remodeling of your pool. When it comes to pool service in Phoenix, we at Shasta know how to do it best!

1. A Diverse Team of Specialists and Technicians

We have put together the most comprehensive team of pool professionals who make up the Shasta Pool Repair Team. Starting with management right down to our technicians and specialists, we have the people on board to help you with any pool question or concern that comes your way. Whether it’s a small crack in a pool wall or a question about landscaping, our team of committed pool repair and service pros are the ones to call.

2. Service To Your Door

Not every Phoenix pool service offers door to door service, but we at Shasta sure do! We’ll come out to you whenever you need us so that we can quickly and properly diagnose any issues or give hands on help in the designing of your dream pool and outdoor living area.

3. Discount Packages and Deals on Equipment

Repairs, remodels and serving can be quite costly, especially when stacked up over time. Our company regularly offers pool repair and service packages to clients and extends deals on top of the line product and equipment. You end up with a high quality state of the art pool that meets your standards – but without the hefty price tag.

4. Financing Available

Some pool repairs or remodels are more expensive than the next, though letting an issue go on for too long can result in even more costly fixes down the line. At Shasta, we offer pool repair and service financing, allowing you to keep your pool in tip top shape regardless of your budget so that you and you family can continue to enjoy the pool for the next several years to come.

Check out everything that our service department has to offer at http://www.shastapoolrepair.com/!

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