3 Things Every Future Arizona Pool Owner Should Know

New Pools | 04/28/20

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What to Keep in Mind Before Building a Pool in Phoenix

Pool ownership is pool ownership, right? Well, not exactly. Not only does every state have different rules, regulations and laws applying to pool owners, Arizona pool owners in particular must deal with a few additional considerations that you don’t necessarily have in other areas.

While none of these things should keep you from building a pool in Arizona, you’ll definitely want to keep these things in mind to ensure you can have a stress-free pool experience.

Replacement Pool Filtration Pumps Must Be Two-Speed Or A Variable Speed Pump

In 2012, Arizona passed a law intended to help with the state’s energy efficiency. The law requires pool owners to replace pool filtration pumps with a variable speed model, rather than the more common (at the time) one-speed models. While this has been a bigger consideration for existing pool owners, make sure your pool builder is up-to-date on all the requirements and installs the proper speed from the very beginning.

A “Clear” Pool Is Not Necessarily a “Clean” Pool

One of the main functions of pool chemicals is to prevent algae and harmful bacteria from growing in your pool. The problem is, you can’t really tell if your pool is clean and safe just by looking at it.

This is especially an issue in Arizona. In cooler climates, colder temperatures naturally kill off a lot of bacteria and algae, but Arizona’s year-round warm temperatures mean it’s very important to continually test your water and keep it treated. Regularly checking your pool chemistry can keep your pool truly clean.

Pools Must Be Fenced for Safety

Arizona homeowners with pools must follow strict safety rules to protect against accidents. Reputable pool builders (like Shasta) are well-aware of these, but you should always double-check your pool plans to make sure they comply.

If you have a child/children under 6 years of age:

  • You don’t currently have property line walls, meaning you have an open lot and no fence on your property line, you would need to fully surround your pool with a fence.
  • Above-ground and in-ground pools must be surrounded by 5 ft. fence
  • The wall/fence can’t have gaps that can allow things with a diameter of 4 inches to fit through, and should not have footholds or handholds on the exterior

If your home is part of the enclosure:

  • At least a 4-foot fence meeting the above requirements must be in place
  • The pool must be protected by a safety cover that can be operated only through a key switch
  • Doors with access to the pool need to be self-latching; latching equipment needs to be at least 54 inches over the floor if the pool area is accessible from emergency windows
  • Above-ground pools cannot have any climbable exteriors

Enclosure gate requirements Arizona:

  • Need to be self-closing, self-latching
  • Latch need to be minimum 54 inches over the ground
  • Secure gate that can be opened with a key/electric opener
  • From the swimming pool, the gate needs to open outward

While not required by law, here are some additional pool safety tips for Arizona pool owners:

  • Provide supervision at all times that the pool is being used
  • Ensure the pool is maintained and chemical levels are kept up to standards

Building a pool in Arizona comes with a lot of considerations besides just what shape, finish and features you should include. Shasta has been building pools in Phoenix since 1966. Our experience, knowledge and care will ensure your new pool will be safe—and sensational!