New Pools | 01/28/22

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At Shasta, we have felt the national supply chain disruptions and industry challenges in almost every sector of our company. We are working hard to find solutions for these problems in order to provide our customers with the service they deserve, and we want to be 100% transparent in all changes that we make.

Due to supply lines and material shortages, we no longer have brass conduits for pool lights. In order to ensure that all Shasta customers still receive the backyard of their dreams without delay, Shasta is now using PVC conduits instead of brass.

There are many benefits of using PVC over brass, however running PVC does create additional work for the install crew, therefore leading to a slightly longer job completion time. PVC is installed 12” underground, as opposed to 6”, and grounding wire will also need to be installed. 

Some of the benefits of using PVC over brass include typically tighter fittings, making them more waterproof and leakproof than brass. PVC is also very lightweight and is easier to transport than brass. PVC drains are often more flexible, and are made with corrosion resistant materials that don’t break down due to salt water or chemical exposures, according to PVC Fittings Online

We truly appreciate the patience of each and every one of our Shasta customers as we continue to navigate these challenges. We know how frustrating each of these setbacks can be, which is why we are working hard to come up with the best solutions for you.