Pool Construction | 11/28/19

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The decision to build a new pool is exciting for everyone involved. For you, the homeowner, you get to see the pool of your dreams come to life. For us, the pool builder, we get to show off our craft and help you make decisions along the way. As a Shasta customer, you won’t be in the dark about what’s going on in your backyard. We provide regular communications throughout the phases of construction so you’re informed about what’s to come.   

When you first decide to build a new pool, we will review the complete pool construction process so you know what to expect. It’s normal to feel anxious and excited to see the end result, but each step has tremendous value in the building process. Here’s what it takes to build a new pool from start to finish.

Layout – The first step after the design process. We will use spray paint to create the outline of your pool so you can visually see the size and shape.

Fencing & Excavation – This is when we bring in the big trucks (and may need to create a temporary hole in your yard fence) to dig out the dirt. We’ll also outline the perimeter.

Steel & Plumbing – Plumbing is installed after digging the pool and, depending on the cleaning system you choose, could be hundreds of feet long.  We use better-than-industry-standard steel reinforcement to create the foundation of your pool.  This is the rebar that makes up the “skeletal structure” of your pool.

Electrical – Our electrical crew comes in to install the lighting, other electrical components and ensure everything is connected to the electrical panel near your home.

Structure & Surface – The fun continues as our Shotcrete crew blows the concrete-like mixture onto the pool frame and then smooths it out to take the form and shape of your pool.  It looks like a firehose shooting concrete!

Hardscape & Decking – Your design choices, like decking and any stone fascia, are installed. This is when most homeowners get really excited about the end result!

Tile – Waterline tile is installed and you get to see the design you created come to life!

Interior Finish – After the deck is done and shotcrete, or “shell” of the pool, is cured the interior finish is applied, which can take one or two days depending on the type of finish.  This is the final touch of the pool and what gives your gorgeous pool the color and tone of the water.

Clean-Up & Start-Up – We’ll clean up the construction area with a hard-working crew that brings a dump truck to haul it all off and get the pool up and running for your first cannonball.  We will make sure to chemically get your pool started, so you don’t have to figure that out on your own at a pool supply store, and give you an easy to understand “pool school”.  “Pool School” is our way to educate you on pool ownership so you are at ease about owning your new dream pool.

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Ready to start building the pool of your dreams after seeing the pool construction process? Sign up for a free design consultation today!



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